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Repentance is not becoming someone that I am not. It is coming to terms with who I am. Is it necessary to repent in order to be saved? The answer is yes and no. If you understand repentance as a change of behavior than the answer is no. Expecting someone to change their behavior in order to be saved is salvation by works. If you understand repentance as coming to terms with who I am – a helpless sinner in need of a savior – then yes, that kind of repentance is necessary.

Read the story of the sinful woman in Luke 7:36-50.

“Your faith has saved you, go in peace.”

The Doctrine of Salvation
Justification and Adoption
Greg Brandenburg
Grace Community Church Tyler
April 19, 2009

Justification is a legal declaration by God that we are guilt free. This is not earned but declared by God due to Christ’s work on the cross. But along with being declared not guilty, we are declared righteous in His sight. Not because we are righteous but that God sees Christ’s righteousness as belonging to us. Finally, along with this righeousness, we are adopted by God Himself  and considered His children and heirs to His kingdom.

I. Justification is the legal declaration by God that I am not guilty

This gives us peace with God – Rom.5:1

Rom.8:30 – this is something God does.

Rom.3:26-28 – justification follows faith

Dikaio – Lk.7:29 – we don’t make God righteous but we declare it. Same as He does with us.        We are not internally changed. That happened at regenaration.

Why does James say we are justified by works – justificaiton can mean declared righteous or appear as righteous. A person is shown to be righteous by his works.

Because we are declared righteous, there is no penalty to pay – Rom.8:1

Rom.8:33-34 – if God declares us not guilty, who can bring a charge against us?

II. Righteousness is the legal declaration by God that I am in a right relationship with Him

Justification returns us to a state of moral neutrality with God. God does more in justification     than just declaring us not guilty, He sees us as righteous – as fulfilling the law.

This give us standing with God

But the declaration that God justifies the ungodly would have been scandalous (Rom.4:5)

This is not a fundamental change in us but taking the righteousness of Christ and declaring it as ours. Rom.5:17; Phil.3:9

Adams sin was imputed to us
Our sin was imputed to Christ
Christ’s righteousness is imputed to us

III. Adoption is God acting to make us His children

John 1:12; 1 John 3:1

We are forgiven from past sins but will continue to enjoy forgiveness. As a result, we should     forgive others.

There is fellowship with God – we are reconciled to Him Rom.5:8-10

We have freedom in Christ – Rom.8:14-16; Jn.15:14-15

We have God’s provision and care – Mt.6:25-34

Discipline for growth – Heb.12:7


Justification is not based on something we are internally. God was under no obligation to declare us not guilty. This is grace

This offeres real hope to those who think they are too bad to be saved.

Hope is knowing that God will never make me pay the penalty of my sins.