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Free Lunch Experiment Day 7

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Free Lunch

A cookie cake showed up in the lounge around 10 and I found an apple that was about it for breakfast. I had to use my emergency Cheezits that I had stashed in my desk for lunch. I went foraging in the cupboards and found some peanuts, almonds, and some Tostitos.

A couple of observations after 7 days:

It’s easy to find free calories on a regular basis. Not as easy to find free nutritious food consistently.

Having to forage for food, I tend to eat very small portions but more frequently which is supposedly good for your.


I have not been shut out yet. Friday is typically not a good free food day at school but we had so much on Thursday that there was plenty. Monday, NHS members brought in a bunch of food to honor teachers which was more than enough to cover breakfast and lunch. Yesterday I attended a conference in Dallas that provided a free lunch.

Free Lunch Day 3

Posted: April 28, 2011 in Free Lunch

Plenty of food available in the lounge today – vegetable tray, fruit tray, pigs in a blanket, brownies, cookies, even humus.

Today’s free calories: 800 – 1000

Breakfast was a bit sparse today. Wednesday is a slow day in the teacher’s lounge although someone was kind enough to send two Papa Murphy’s dessert pizzas rather than throw them out. I had a slice of cinnamon sugar. I guess it’s no worse than eating a donut.

Lunch was much better. I scored a box lunch from Newk’s at a meeting. Plain but meaty ham sandwich, chips and a brownie.

Estimated total of free calories today: 900 – 1000.

I recently visited with a pastor from Uganda while he was in the United States for the first time. While he was amazed at many of the conveniences so readily available in this country, I think he was most stunned by the easy access to food. It dispenses from a wall at the push of a button (yogurt). You say a number into a box and someone brings it to your car (Sonic).

As an experiment, I decided to test how ubiquitous food is in my environment by eating only free food. For the next few weeks (or months if I start to like the idea), I am starting the day with no plans for breakfast or lunch. I plan to “live off the land” which in my case means the teacher’s lounge and church office break room and whatever free food coupons and offers I come across.

Day 1

Tuesday and Thursday are usually good days for free food in the teacher’s lounge. Nothing in the Jr. High lounge today but the high school lounge had cookies, a vegetable tray with obligatory ranch dressing dip, and chips with some type of corn salsa. I easily consumed 400 calories grazing on this stuff. Add the bag of Cheezits that somebody gave me and I’m up to 500 calories.