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May 21 – Doom’s Day?

This is the prediction of Harold Camping, President of Family Stations, Inc., a company that owns radio stations around the world.

To arrive at the date, Camping creates a formula using 2 Peter 3:8 and Genesis 7. God spoke to Noah in Genesis 7:4 warning him that the flood would come in 7 days. Although God fulfilled this promise of destruction, Camping believes that it was also prophetic of the judgment to come. He applies 2 Peter 3:8 – “…a day is like a thousand years” to come up with a formula of 7,000 years from the day of the  warning God gave to Noah. Adding 7000 years to 4990 BC brings us to 2010, add 1 year to compensate for  the changeover from B.C. to A.D and voila – 2011.

But how does he know that the flood occurred in 4990 BC? He claims to know it “by careful study of the Bible” with no further explanation.

His prediction of May 21 is based on his claim that it corresponds to the day the floods began on the Biblical calendar – the 17th day of the 2nd month. May 21 does in fact correspond to 17 Iyar which is the second month in the current Jewish calendar.

Camping believes that his method of interpreting scripture is right and that every church in existence today is wrong.


2 Weeks of Free Food

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

For two weeks I went to work determined to eat nothing for breakfast or lunch unless I could find it for free. The result, surprisingly, is that I gained two pounds.


1. Most of the free food available to me was calorie dense. In a school environment, the types of food regularly found in a teacher’s lounge are cookies, cakes, pies, donuts, etc. Occasionally someone brings in a fruit and vegetable tray but it is not the norm.

2. On days when I could find only high-calorie, low-nutrient food, I came home very hungry and probably ate more for dinner than I usually would.

3. The psychology of the “foraging diet” made me think that since there was a chance that no food would be available that I needed to eat a lot when it was available. The problem was that it was always available.

4. Sugar makes a very poor diet staple. On days when sugary food was all there was to eat, I had a difficult time staying alert and focused. Where normally I would have occasional sugar cravings, I began to loathe sugar and crave anything of dietary value.

5. I gained two pounds eating nothing but free food for breakfast and lunch – a pound a week. If I ate my regular meals and also the free stuff, how much more weight would I add? No wonder obesity is a real problem in this country. How many offices have food as readily available as mine?

Free Lunch Experiment Day 7

Posted: May 4, 2011 in Free Lunch

A cookie cake showed up in the lounge around 10 and I found an apple that was about it for breakfast. I had to use my emergency Cheezits that I had stashed in my desk for lunch. I went foraging in the cupboards and found some peanuts, almonds, and some Tostitos.

A couple of observations after 7 days:

It’s easy to find free calories on a regular basis. Not as easy to find free nutritious food consistently.

Having to forage for food, I tend to eat very small portions but more frequently which is supposedly good for your.

I have not been shut out yet. Friday is typically not a good free food day at school but we had so much on Thursday that there was plenty. Monday, NHS members brought in a bunch of food to honor teachers which was more than enough to cover breakfast and lunch. Yesterday I attended a conference in Dallas that provided a free lunch.