Free Lunch Experiment – Tuesday 4/26/11

Posted: April 26, 2011 in Free Lunch, Just Interesting Stuff

I recently visited with a pastor from Uganda while he was in the United States for the first time. While he was amazed at many of the conveniences so readily available in this country, I think he was most stunned by the easy access to food. It dispenses from a wall at the push of a button (yogurt). You say a number into a box and someone brings it to your car (Sonic).

As an experiment, I decided to test how ubiquitous food is in my environment by eating only free food. For the next few weeks (or months if I start to like the idea), I am starting the day with no plans for breakfast or lunch. I plan to “live off the land” which in my case means the teacher’s lounge and church office break room and whatever free food coupons and offers I come across.

Day 1

Tuesday and Thursday are usually good days for free food in the teacher’s lounge. Nothing in the Jr. High lounge today but the high school lounge had cookies, a vegetable tray with obligatory ranch dressing dip, and chips with some type of corn salsa. I easily consumed 400 calories grazing on this stuff. Add the bag of Cheezits that somebody gave me and I’m up to 500 calories.


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