Greg and Bryan’s 12 Days of Christmas (teacher and tech) Deals – Day 11

Posted: December 16, 2009 in Instructional Technology, Just Interesting Stuff
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Day 11:

Can you believe I made the nice list this year? I can prove it –  check out this video: Santa’s video

Greg’s Teacher deal of the day – Just in the Nick of time (get it? – Nick?). Finally, a netbook below $250 again. A netbook is a small notebook (not a book about nets). It has a low-voltage processor and a small screen. It’s handy for traveling, connecting to the Internet and using Office apps – what you use your computer for most of the time.

This one has the usual stuff: card reader, webcam, wireless, 1 gig of memory, 160gig hard drive. The downside is it has a 3 cell battery. That means it will last 2.5 hours between charges at best. Still, if you need to put a computer under the tree, this may be your best bet. I still think prices will come back down after Christmas if you can wait.

Lenovo netbook – $230 and free shipping at Newegg

Greg’s Teacher download of the day – You bought the computer and plugged it into the Internet with NO ANTIVIRUS? And now you’re calling me because you could build a bicycle faster than the thing boots up. (Why is it that when people describe how slow their computer is they feel the need to list all the things they can accomplish before it boots up?)

Here’s my secret to getting the bugs out and it won’t cost you anything but some time.

Download and install Avast. Answer yes to the option to scan at restart. Once it has dealt with your viruses and malware, uninstall it and install Microsoft Security Essentials. This will stay active on your computer and help to prevent further problems.

Avast download

Microsoft Security Essentials download

Bryan’s Tech deal of the day – My deals today don’t really have a theme. ADD could be the theme I guess. At any rate. I’m sure you’ve thought to yourself, “Man I wish my shoe had a calendar on it.” Make that dream a reality with Calendar Tape (9.99). Make anything (yes, even your shoe) a calendar. Also, a Math Clock (26.99). Make reading time require a calculator. At least it would require a calculator for the likes of me. And now, for something completely different. A Remote Light Switch (24.95). Turn on/off anything you can plug in. It’s dimable (although I won’t advise dimming that brand new LCD TV you just got) and can attach to a wall if you feel like being pedestrian with your REMOTE switch. It doesn’t support a ground wire (aka that three prong plug thingy), so no refrigerators, computers, etc.

Bryan’s Tech website of the day – You’re staring at your computer wondering where in the web you want to go. Stop puzzling and go to Give it some of your favorite things and it’ll find websites about them! WARNING: Extremely addicting.

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