Greg and Bryan’s 12 Days of Christmas (teacher and tech) Deals – Day 10

Posted: December 15, 2009 in Instructional Technology, Just Interesting Stuff
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Day 10:

Greg’s Teacher deal of the day – Set your phasers to stun! Looking for the ultimate gift for the techno-nerd on your list. He (I’m gender stereotyping but let’s be real, the only woman I’ve ever seen handle a phaser correctly is Uhuru) has to have this for some serious street cred.

Star Trek Original Series Black Handle Phaser – $15

This is the real deal. Notice it’s a black handle phaser. Clearly superior to the blue or green handle phasers. And if you need further support of the authenticity, just read the product reviews from people who have purchased it. (Seriously – you have to read these)

Greg’s Teacher download of the day – Looking for a fun way to review a unit with your class? Trying to make it like a game show to engage the kids? What’s the game show we all try to imitate for this kind of thing? Fear Factor…what? No, no no…. think like you’re over 30. Jeopardy, of course. And I know, in an effort to integrate technology, you’d like to do this with Powerpoint. If only you had step-by-step instructions. Well here they are:

Powerpoint Jeopardy templates and instructions

No more excuses. Get busy.

Bryan’s Tech deal of the day – Bring a little cheer to your desk with the USB Fiber Optic Christmas Tree (9.99). Plug it in to any USB port and it glows with Christmasy joy.
Bryan’s Tech download of the day – Tired of Outlook running slowly or not at all? Try Thunderbird. It’s made by the same people who make Firefox, the second largest browser in the world. Fast, full featured, and easy to use.
  1. Myra Brandenburg says:

    You guys are hilarious, clearly superior humor!

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