Greg and Bryan’s 12 Days of Christmas deals – Day 7

Posted: December 10, 2009 in Instructional Technology, Just Interesting Stuff
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Day 7:

Greg’s Teacher Deal of the Day – Let me take this opportunity to wish everyone a happy Computer Science Education week. Did you know that by 2016, current government projections show that more than 800,000 high-end computing jobs will be created in the economy making it one of the fastest growing occupational fields?

Which is why no child is too young to get a gadget (nice segue right?). This product could be the difference between your child getting a plush job as an animator at Pixar or becoming a high school multimedia teacher. If only I had a Fisher-Price My Toon TV when I was a kid, I could be making millions creating talking race cars.

This device plugs into a TV to display an image. Use the camera to take a picture of someone’s mug and place it on an animated figure of your choosing. Select a song from the preloaded music or plug in your MP3 player. The cartoon then dances across the screen to the music. Sing and dance along. Loads of fun for $15 at Walmart.

Link to Fisher-Price My Toon TV

Bonus deal (TODAY ONLY) – I had to throw this in due to the number of baby showers going on around here. Disney store’s deal of the day is a create-your-own fleece for $10 plus shipping. Choose the color and character and for a small additional fee, add a name.

Link to the Disney baby blanket

Greg’s Teacher Download (or website) of the day:

Can’t figure out how to stop Word from double spacing? Think you have to be a genius to edit video? Want to make your own Christmas card in Publisher? Just ask Lynda. is a site with a huge collection of training videos. While they charge for unlimited access, there are an impressive number of free videos that don’t require an account.

Link to

Bryan’s Tech deal of the day – Today is all about caffeine. Let be preface by talking about caffeine overdose for a second. A caffeine overdose can be achieved by taking 150 to 200 milligrams of caffeine per kilogram of body weight. Overdose is also contingent on caffeine tolerance. Now, with the disclaimer out of the way, Caffeine Soap, Caffeine Lip Balm, Powder Power, Crackheads (espresso beans), Black Black Gum/Candy, Jolt Gum, Caffeine Body Wash, Foosh Energy Mints, Time Release Caffeine Capsules and Caffeine Breath Spray.

Bryan’s Tech download of the day – In line with Greg’s how to website, here are three websites to tell you how to do just about anything. Instructables is a lot more nerdy than the other sites. It focuses on neat stuff to do with LEDs and science, although I looked on their homepage today and they have chocolate peppermint bark, a shoe tower and snowflake cutting. eHow is a lot more organized than Instructables. It has a lot of general knowledge that people in the business know, but the rest of us are probably in the dark about. Like how to turn off the check engine light, for example. wikiHow is like eHow but it’s not managed like eHow is. eHow strives to be professional while still letting anyone post. wikiHow just lets everyone post. Ergo, you get good stuff like begin glacier climbing, and you get bad stuff like parking lot etiquette.

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