Posted: December 10, 2009 in Instructional Technology, Just Interesting Stuff
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Day 6:

Greg’s Teacher deal of the day – You’ve seen the stats. Kids are too sedentary. Here’s a fun game that will definitely get them moving and can be used in the classroom. SHOCK BALL! Yep – no explaining the rules here. It’s high tech hot potato. Turn it on and pass it around. It will be obvious who is holding the ball when the timer goes off. Powered by double A batteries, this tennis ball sized toy will deliver a fun jolt via the metal plates on the surface.

Not recommended for small children. And if grandpa has a pacemaker, it may be the last game he ever plays!

Shock Ball – $13.99

Greg’s Teacher download of the day

Free Christmas music MP3s. These freebies are from Amazon. You will need an Amazon account to download but it’s free.

Sampler Claus – Mahalia Jackson singing Silent Night – It doesn’t get any better. Although Frank Sinatra singing It Came Upon A Midnight Clear is pretty cool too.

Link to Sampler Claus

Or if you gotta have a little Hallelujah Chorus in your Christmas, here’s a link to a free classical Christmas music

Link to Classical Christmas MP3 album

More contemporary stuff:
Casting Crowns – Joy To The World
Jars of Clay – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
Sixpence None the Richer – Silent Night

Bryan’s Tech deal of the day – Big huge MP3 players are awesome. Big screen, holds lots of files and usually plays games and/or videos. But what if you want something smaller? Something you can easily lose. Try the Micro Sport MP3 Player straight from Japan. 4 GB of memory and no bigger than two sugar cubes (not counting the other ear bud of course).
And now for something plush. Tribbles (Star Trek), Giant Plush Microbes and Petri Dish Plush Microbes.
Bryan’s Tech download of the day – This is for all you stargazers out there. Stellarium lets you view the sky as you would in a planetarium. If anyone has a planetarium, it can actually be used with a planetarium projector. Celestia lets you view the solar system (and even the galaxies) while flying around in space. It has a bunch of plugins for everything from Star Wars and Star Trek to the Hubble telescope and every single one of the known stars and galaxies. The extra content can be found here.

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