Greg and Bryan’s 12 Days of Christmas (teacher and tech) Deals Day 5

Posted: December 8, 2009 in Instructional Technology, Just Interesting Stuff
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Day 5:

Bryan’s Tech deal of the day – Who doesn’t love bacon? has a menagerie of bacon products. They have bacon gumballs, gummy bacon, Squeez Bacon, bacon lip balm, baconnaise, tac bac (or tactical canned bacon, for those not in the know), bacon salt, bacon mints and bacon jellybeans. BACON!!
Bryan’s download of the day – A little more practical than bacon, Dropbox allows you to sync files between your computers. It gives you 2 GB of storage online and a folder in your My Documents folder (or where ever you want to put it). Just put a file in that folder (or change an existing file) and it automagically syncs. Also cool, it has Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone and Web versions. You can also share files and folders you have synced with someone or anyone. It keeps a history on every file so if you make a mistake and save something you can revert back to a previous version (30 days for free). There are paid options which gives you more space and unlimited file versions. Also, as with many of my downloads, it’s portable.
Greg’s Teacher deal of the day – I’m doing the best I can to find a deal for a desktop computer for under $400. They’re hard to come by this year. I’m going back to the old, reliable Dell Outlet deals. Here’s an idea of what you will find there:
Inspiron 537s
dual core processor
640Gb hard drive
Windows 7 home premium
1 year warranty
$389 (no monitor but free sound system if you buy today)
These computers are cheap because they have been refurbished, or are scratch and dent items but the warranty is same as new. The inventory changes constantly so I can’t give you a link to any particular computer. So I guess what I’m saying is “here’s the store’s website – good luck.”
Gamer system for under $500. This computer has “teenage boy” written all over it. Similar specs to the system above but a better graphics card and a way-cool looking case. You can order this from Sam’s Club for $498 with shipping included.
Greg’s Teacher download of the day
How many times during the course of the year do you need a stopwatch for a classroom assignment? A countdown clock would be even better, right? How about a countdown clock that ends with a bomb explosion? Checkout

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