Greg and Bryan’s 12 Days of Christmas (Teacher and Tech) Deals – Day 3

Posted: December 4, 2009 in Instructional Technology, Just Interesting Stuff
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Day 3:

Greg’s Teacher deal of the day – Aren’t you tired of looking at that old 17″ lcd screen? Or worse, you’re still using the old CRT that doubles as a heater and microwave oven. It’s time to upgrade to a drive-in size screen. Your eyes deserve it.
How about a Samsung 24″ HDMI wide-screen monitor (this may be bigger than your TV) from Dell for $190.
As if that’s not a good enough deal, how about throwing in a wireless keyboard and mouse for free?  Not enough free stuff? Ok, free shipping too.
What’s the downside you say? The only problem I can see is that this monitor has no HDMI port. It’s still a great deal and can be used as a computer monitor, television, dvd/blu-ray monitor or all of them.
IMPORTANT: The cost for the package on Dell’s site is $280. You have to apply coupon code LCR4MW$0BGM3MG to get the price to $189.99. Double check the price before you check out. I take no responsibility for you spending $100 extra because you didn’t submit the coupon code.
Free download of the day:
I’ve been using the same Bible software for years. Unfortunately, I had to switch as it is no longer produced and won’t run on Windows 7. Thankfully I found a capable alternative in E-Sword. This free software has it all – multiple Bible translations, concordances, maps, dictionaries, commentaries, devotionals. Note that some translations and commentaries require a small fee due to publishers copyright restrictions. However, you will probably find the 15 free translations sufficient.
Bryan’s Tech deal of the day
I’m sure you’ve heard all the cool stuff about OLEDs by now. Most people think they’re still a while from being a reality. The only reason people say that is because they haven’t shown up in things like monitors or TVs yet. OLEDs are here. Take for example the Cowon S9. It’s an MP3 player with an AMOLED screen. The S9 has all the normal features. 16 GB of storage, audio and video playback, lots of formats, touchscreen. Boring. What sets this unit apart is the battery life. 55 hours of audio and 11 hours of video playback. No, that’s not a typ0. 55 hours, people. You could let this thing play for over 2 DAYS straight. ‘Nough said. If you’re looking for something for the little ones in your life, something that, unlike this, you won’t pull your hair out of the lose/break, check out Woot’s deal of the day. Disney 1GB MP3 player with Hannah Montana and … other Disney characters I don’t recognize (come back, Simba!).
Cowon S9 – 199.99 (Free shipping) at
Disney Mix Stick 1GB MP3 Player – 6.99 (Today Only!) at
Free download of the day:

So say you get the S9 or the Disney Mix Stick. How will you get music on it? iTunes is surely too good for it. That would be like putting lipstick on a pig (Sarcasm. Death to iTunes!). But seriously. iTunes won’t sync with anything that wasn’t kissed by Steve Jobs. So you need another media player/syncer/streamer/thing. There is literally a plethora of options. You could go with Windows Media Player, but that’s like eating rice and beans when you could have lobster. Sure it’ll fill you up just the same, but come on. Lobster. One of my personal favorites in the lobster category is Songbird. It’s actually a media player and browser (based on Firefox) rolled into one. This thing will do EVERYTHING. Seriously. There’s a plugin for anything you want to do. Best of all, for all you iPhone/Pod people out there, it will two way sync with your iTunes library, keeping both up to date with all the music you’ve “aquired”. Check it out. Make sure and click on the Features tab to get a look at everything it can do. I just scratched the surface. Oh yeah. This one is portable too.


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