Greg and Bryan’s 12 Days of Christmas (Teacher and Tech) Deals – Day 1

Posted: December 2, 2009 in Instructional Technology, Just Interesting Stuff

Greg’s Teacher deal of the day – let’s get it started with a Mino Flip Camcorder. This little beauty is easy to use and will record 120 minutes of video on internal memory. When it’s time to download the video to your computer, flip out the built-in USB adapter and plug it in. It acts like a USB memory stick for easy access to files. It conveniently fits in a purse or pocket so you never have to miss another photo-op ( Friday night at Walmart for instance). Great for capturing classroom activities too.

$90 –

My free download of the day:

Xmind – my favorite app for creating mind maps. Works like Inspiration.

Xmind website

Bryan’s Tech deal of the day – I know a lot of you have heard great things about Windows 7. Most computers are starting to come standard with it. If you’re in the market for a laptop, Newegg has a deal worth taking a look at. With an AMD Athlon II 2.0 GHz dual-core and 3 GB of RAM, the HP G61-320US has enough horsepower to do pretty much anything but game and video edit. The hard drive is 250 GB, which is very spacious for a laptop. It comes with the normal DVD burner, ethernet port, wifi, etc, but what really sets this laptop apart from the rest is its HDMI port. Everyone who just bought a nice shiny new HD TV that has an HDMI port will be able to use it like a second monitor for this bad boy. That’s a lot of space for shopping on eBay playing solitaire watching family photos with the kids :).

499.99 (Free shipping and 449.99 after $50 MIR) –
Speaking of family photos, one of my favorite photo editors is Picasa. It’s made by Google so it’s free, of course. Picasa can do all the simple photo editing tasks: red eye, saturation, contrast, crop, rotate. My favorite feature, and the one that makes it stand out, is the I’m Feeling Lucky button. I’m sure you’ve all seen that button on Google. If you’ve never been brave enough to try it, it takes you to the first website in the google search automatically. In Picasa it does basically the same thing. It auto fixes your photo. “But Bryan,” you say, “a lot of photo organizers/editors will do that these days. That’s not that special.” You’re right. But Picasa can do batch auto fix. Just select all your photos at once and it will auto fix every one of them. Did I mention it makes it easy to organize photos? Yeah it does that too. This newest version includes facial recognition. No more hunting for photos of yourself your wonderful children.

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