The Olivet Discourse

Posted: November 22, 2009 in Theology
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The Olivet Discourse

1. Passages where this is recorded

 1.1 Mt.24

 1.2 Mk.13

 1.3 Lk.21

2. The disciples question – Mt.24:3

 2.1 When (will the temple be desroyed)?

 2.2 What will be the sign of your coming?

 2.3 (What will be the sign of) the end of the age?

3. Signs

 3.1 False Christs Mt.24:5

  v.4 – Christ is presumably speaking to His disciples when He says “watch out that no one decieves you.” If so, the context dictates that false Christs would appear before the destruction of the temple – within the lifetime of the disciples.

  3.1.1 Don’t be deceived

 3.2 Wars and rumors of wars 24:6

  Christ said this would happen before the end but did not specify the end of what.

  3.2.1 Don’t be alarmed

 3.3 Famines and earthquakes 24:7
 3.4 Persecution 24:9
  3.4.1 You will be hated by all nations because of me.

 3.5 Many will turn away 24:10

  3.5.1 They will betray and hate each other

 3.6 False prophets will appear 24:11

 3.7 Increase in wickedness 24:12
  3.7.1 He who stands firm to the end will be saved

 3.8 This gospel will be preached to the whole world 24:14

  3.8.1 Then the end will come

 3.9 The abomination that causes desolation in the Holy place 24:15

  3.9.1 Flee to the mountains
 3.10 Great distress 24:21

 3.11 More false Christs and false prophets 24:24

 3.12 Cataclysmic astronomical events 24:29

 3.13 Christ comes with the angels to gather the elect from the earth 24:30
  3.13.1 all the nations will mourn

  Note that Israel will say “Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord” 23:39

  3.13.2 One taken one left 24:40

4. Time clues

 4.1 When you see all these things 24:33

 Does this indicate that one generation may see all the things predicted?

 4.2 No one knows the time but the Father 24:36

  4.2.1 Like in the flood – they knew nothing until it happened 24:39

  4.2.2 Keep watch 24:42


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