The Doctrine of Salvation: Regeneration

Posted: March 14, 2009 in Theology
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The Doctrine of Salvation    
Greg Brandenburg
Grace Community Church Tyler
March 15, 2009
I. Definition
Being born again.
The act of God which imparts spiritual life to those being saved.
John 3:3-8 (Jesus conversation with Nicodemus)
“A radical and complete transformation wrought in the soul by God the Holy Spirit by virtue of which we become ‘new men’ no longer conformed to this world but in knowledge and holiness of the truth created after the image of God.” – B.B. Warfield
II. Effects of
Changes the Disposition of Man
Before: Rom.3:9-18; 8:7
    Enlightened – 1 Cor.2:14-15; 2 Cor.4:6; Col.3:10
    Liberated – Rom.6:14, 17-22; Phil.2:13
    In lifestyle – 1 Jn.3:9; 1 Jn.5:3-4
    Love 1 Jn.4:7-8
    Protected from Satan – 1 Jn.5:18
    Fruits of the Spirit – Gal.5:22-23
III. Significance of the Phrase Born Again
We are new creatures – “buried with Him out of reach of condemnation” 2 Cor.5:17; Gal.2:20
Totally An Act of God
John 1:13
Infants do not participate in their procreation nor do those who are dead in trespasses and sins (Eph.2:1-10)
IV. Development In Scripture
National renewal of Israel – Jer.31:31-34; Ezek.36:26-27
V. Relationship to the Call
Regeneration must be present to enable a man to respond to the call therefore they must be simultaneous (James 1:18; Acts 10:44; Acts 16:14)

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